David McGovern

David is an artist and educator currently based in rural Ireland. He uses moving image to facilitate reflection and speculate on our future.

Video work

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– Performance art films exploring creative block

How does it feel to be stuck? Is there a way to experience it without feeling worthless? Can the body in motion help?

Stuckness is a two-year collaboration with University of the Arts London that strives to reframe creative block. Through workshops, performances and films, we intend to offer a new vernacular for discussing this frustrating and disorientating state.

We see being stuck in your work not as something to turn away from, but rather to be understood, challenged and moved through.

New Masculinity

– Exploring the changing male mindset

Collaborating with IGGYLDN, we set out to discover how real men are feeling and talking about their gender. We invited nine men from different ethnicities, ages, and orientations to The Future Laboratory to discuss the changing role of masculinity. The film focuses on male softness and vulnerability.

We opted for a sparse, neutral visual approach, allowing the opinions and experiences to be the focal points. The conversations were allowed to unfold naturally, with gentle prompts. The feeling of building and coming apart, construction and destruction, was important to convey. While the men navigate the landscape of modern masculinity, the viewer is offered simple yet striking visions of men operating in the world.

Film available upon request

Conscious Deceleration

– Breathwork lesson delivered in a slow tv format

Wellness has been in accelerator mode. After growing exponentially over the past few years, it has fallen victim to a narrative that tells us that we must constantly achieve more. This needs to be remedied.

Working with breath coach Richie Bostock, we created a 20-minute film that guides viewers through a restorative breathwork lesson. The work was installed as an uninterrupted Slow TV experience in an ambient underground space in East London.